Welcome to the Website of the Bangladesh Chemical Society

Bangladesh Chemical Society (BCS) was first was established as a learned society in 1972 soon after the liberation of Bangladesh. The initiative was taken by a group of academicians of the Departments of Chemistry and the Departments of Applied. Chemistry of the Universities in Bangladesh and scientists of the Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and the Banglaesh Atomic Energy Commission. Notable among them were Professor M. H. Khundkar (DU), Professor Mofizudding Ahmed (DU), Professor S. Z. Haider (DU), Professor M. A. Nawab (DU), Professor M. M. Huque (JNU), Professor Kazi A. Latif (RU), Professor A.Q. Chowdhury (BUET), Professor A. K. Shamsuddin (CU), Professor S.S.M.A. Khorasani (DU), Dr. Erfan Ali (BCSIR), and Dr. Shamsul Huque (AEC). A constitution was drafted by an ad-hoc committee, and was adopted in a general meeting of the chemists invited by an open announcement.

The membership of the Society is open to graduates in chemistry, applied chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, soil chemistry and any other subject related to chemistry. At present, the Society has over 3500 members, who are engaged in various professions involving chemistry in academic institutions, research organizations, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, civil service, etc. The objectives of the society as laid down in its constitution is to promote chemistry education and chemical research in the country with the ultimate aim of improving the industrial and technological output of the country, and to protect the professional interests of the chemists and chemical technologists in the country.

The activities of the Society are managed by an Executive Committee (EC), elected for a two-year term by postal ballot. The EC consists of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, a General Secretary, two Joint Secretaries, an Organizing Secretary, a Publicity Secretary, a Social Welfare Secretary, and 12 members. The central office of the Society is in Dhaka.

The Society has 9 regional branches, located in various parts of the country. A minimum of 20 members in a particular region may form a regional branch of the Society. In addition to this, the Presidents of all regional branches are Ex-officio members of the EC.

Life membership is offered to those who pay ten years’ membership fees in one installment. Honorary Fellowship is offered to chemists of international repute or to those who have made notable contribution towards development of chemistry in Bangladesh. Chemists having professional experience of at least 20 years are eligible for Fellowship of the Society. Gold Medals are awarded to chemists for outstanding